What If (The F Word)

What If (The F Word)


WHAT IF follows Wallace and Chantry, who meet by chance at a party and feel the chemistry, but Wallace is recovering from a failed relationship and Chantry has a long-term boyfriend. Acting with the best of intentions and a touch of denial, Wallace and Chantry take on the challenge of being just friends. The adventure is both rocky and very funny as our protagonists navigate the perils of unintended nude camping, risqué wardrobe malfunctions, badly timed international air travel and generally terrible advice from their friends.

With a raucously funny script and standout performances from Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan and Adam Driver, What If is a charming original comedy about the tried and tested question of whether men and women can ever really be just friends.

Director: Michael Dowse
Screenplay: Elan Mastai
Based on: ‘Toothpaste and Cigars’ by T.J. Dawe and Michael Rinaldi
Running time: 102′
Rating: 15 (UK), PG-13 (USA)
Release dates: August 1st 2014 (NY & LA), August 8th (USA), August 20th (UK), August 22nd (Canada)
Box Office Gross: $7,847,000 (Worldwide)
Distribution: EOne (International), CBS Films (USA)
Buy: DVD / BluRay


Daniel Radcliffe – Wallace
Zoe Kazan – Chantry
Adam Driver – Allan
Rafe Spall – Ben
Megan Park – Dalia
Mackenzie Davis – Nicole
Jemima Rooper – Ellie

Different versions

There are a number of different versions of this film floating about which we will attempt to explain. SPOILERS!

1. The biggest change was the ending. All countries except the UK and Ireland were given a tacked on “18 months later” scene where it shows Wallace and Chantry getting married. This was filmed at least a year after principle photography on the film ended.

2. The most obvious change was he name of the film. Due to problems in the US with the MPAA, CBS Films were forced to change the title from the catchier and superior The F Word to What If. As such, the rest of the world except Canada had to suffer the same fate (despite it getting a higher rating anyway!).

3. Certain phrases were changed in the US as they were deemed unfit for the PG-13 rating (“finger banging” became “fish hooked” and “masturbating on a kitten” became “masturbating in your kitchen”).

4. Another big scene which was heavily edited in the US version is when Wallace goes to Ireland to tell Chantry he loves her. This was at least 2-3 minutes longer in the version seen in the UK.

5. A scene which is on the US bonus features DVD is where Ben finds Chantry’s list of reasons to stay in Toronto, this was actually still in the UK version on cinematic release.

There are several other minor tweaks throughout the film which aren’t really worth noting but it goes to show how much it was chopped to fit various audiences.



“More than anything, it offers Radcliffe’s most mature performance to date, and he proves himself a gifted comic everyman in the kind of role it’d be great to see him pursue more often.” – Little White Lies

“What If is his big chance to prove himself as a romantic leading man and he doesn’t disappoint with a performance reminiscent of a young Hugh Grant.”> – The Express

“Radcliffe is also funny and affecting as the romantic lead, trying hard to suppress his true feelings….Acerbic and maudlin by turns, Douse’s screwball romantic comedy sees Hogwarts old boy Radcliffe venturing successfully into Cary Grant territory.” – The Independent

“Harry Potter fans may freak to hear Radcliffe talk about sex and dick shrinkage, but it’s good to see this gifted actor relax into a contemporary role with no help from FX wizards. What If doesn’t break new ground. But it has charm to spare, and Radcliffe and Kazan are irresistible. No ifs about it.” – Rolling Stone


What If (UK) What If (US) TFW

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