My Boy Jack

My Boy Jack

“Have you seen him, my boy Jack?”


As World War One begins, 17-year-old John ‘Jack’ Kipling declares his intention to join the Royal Navy. However, Jack’s poor vision leads to him being rejected by the Navy and later the Army. His father, the famous English writer and poet Rudyard Kipling then uses his influence to secure Jack an officer’s commission as a Second Lieutenant in the Irish Guards, despite Jack’s mother and sister disapproving the post.

Jack undergoes military training and travels to France within six months. On his 18th birthday, he receives orders to lead his platoon into action the following morning. However, during the attack in the Battle of Loos, Jack is posted as missing in action.

Director: David Haig
Screenplay: David Haig
Based on: My Boy Jack by David Haig
Running time: 93′
Air date: November 11th 2007, ITV1 / April 20th 2008, PBS
Buy: DVD / Book


Daniel Radcliffe – John ‘Jack’ Kipling
David Haig – Rudyard Kipling
Kim Cattrall – Caroline Kipling
Carey Mulligan – Elsie ‘Bird’ Kipling
Martin McCann – Bowe
Julian Wadham – King George V



“Radcliffe has obviously been eager to prove he’s not a kid anymore, from doing “Equus” onstage (complete with nude scene) to hilariously playing himself as a sex-crazed teen on HBO’s “Extras.” Even so, this strong performance as a determined young soldier underlines just how much Warner Bros.’ favorite wizard has blossomed.” – Variety

“And through all of this, Radcliffe created an entirely convincing sense of a young man trying unconvincingly not to be scared – and doing his unconvincing best to impersonate a grown-up.” – The Telegraph

“Radcliffe, heartbreakingly scrawny and young, plays Jack as a boy tragically eager to prove himself a man. In one perfect scene, Jack walks with his father to a waiting car, and somewhere in those strides, he unconsciously assumes his dad’s gait and cadence. It’s a smooth, subtle piece of acting on Radcliffe’s part, and aside from the glasses and crooked grin, he never once evokes Harry Potter.” – Entertainment Weekly


Masterpiece Theatre

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