Kill Your Darlings

Kill Your Darlings


“Be careful, you are not in wonderland.”

Allen Ginsberg is a dutiful son, caring for his mentally ill mother when he gets offered a place at Columbia University in New York. There, he meets the charismatic Lucien Carr, and is drawn into his world of partying, drugs and poetry all while discovering his true voice and sexuality.

Kill Your Darlings tells the story of Ginsberg met his fellow Beat writers, Jack Kerouac and William Burroughs and the murder that changed their lives forever.

Kill Your Darlings won Best International Film at the Venice Days Film Festival 2013. It was also in the official selection for Sundance 2013 and TIFF 2013.

Director: John Krokidas
Screenplay: Austin Bunn & John Krokidas
Running time: 102′
Rating: 15 (UK), R (USA)
Release dates: October 16th 2013 (USA), December 4th 2013 (UK)
Box Office Gross: $1,805,064 (Worldwide)
Distribution: The Works (UK), Sony Classics (USA)
Buy: DVD / BluRay


Daniel Radcliffe – Allen Ginsberg
Dane DeHaan – Lucien Carr
Michael C. Hall – David Kammerer
Ben Foster – William Burroughs
Jack Huston – Jack Kerouac
Elizabeth Olsen – Edie Parker
David Cross – Louis Ginsberg
Jennifer Jason Leigh – Naomi Ginsberg



“Radcliffe is very good as the young Ginsberg, perfectly capturing his innocence and sense of adventure.” – Empire Magazine

“Radcliffe’s transformation to the next phase of his acting career is complete with Kill Your Darlings. The range and magnitude of his performance here is nothing short of breathtaking. We feel every ounce of Ginsberg’s pain, frustration, and longing, and Radcliffe makes it look effortless.” – Collider

“Daniel Radcliffe provides a defining performance as Beat poet Allen Ginsberg” – The Independent

“If the performance at last relegates Harry Potter to the actor’s past, which is nice and necessary, it’s not a Big Statement or any kind of Oscar grab. Actually, it’s better than that: Radcliffe is aware of his place in the ensemble and of his character’s place in the period, and his young Ginsberg is so full of words and passions that he can barely speak. Just in case you were still wondering: The kid’s got it.” – Boston Globe

“And he does the role with an almost perfect American accent. And with a perm. Radcliffe is so game, so clearly hungering to lay it all out on the screen.” – Vulture


Kill Your Darlings (UK) Kill Your Darlings (US) Kill Your Darlings (German)


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