Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


“You’re the weak one. And you’ll never know love,or friendship. And I feel sorry for you.”

Angry and traumatised following the events at the end of the last school year, all Harry wanted was a quiet summer, but Dementors in Little Whinging lead to him being expelled from Hogwarts for performing  under-age magic out of school, and in the presence of Muggles (his cousin Dudley). Dumbledore intervenes, and the charges against Harry are dropped, but the formerly genial Headmaster is cool and distant, leaving Harry hurt and confused.

The Ministry isn’t just interfering in Harry’s life – when he returns to school for the start of his fifth year, Harry finds that the Ministry is interfering in his education, too, in the form of Dolores Umbridge,the new Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor. It soon becomes clear that Umbridge has no interest in educating her students in any useful kind of defence, and Harry finds himself unofficial head of Dumbledore’s Army. The rebellion begins …

Director: David Yates
Screenplay: Michael Goldenberg
Based on: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
Running time: 138′
Rating: 12A (UK), PG13 (USA)
Release dates: July 12th 2007 (UK), July 11th 2007(US).
Box Office Gross: $939,885,929
Distribution: Warner Brothers
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Daniel Radcliffe – Harry Potter
Rupert Grint – Ron Weasley
Emma Watson – Hermione Granger
Michael Gambon – Professor Albus Dumbledore
Maggie Smith – Professor Minerva McGonagall
Alan Rickman – Profess0r Serverus Snape
Robbie Coltrane – Rebeus Hagrid
Ralph Fiennes – Voldemort



Mr. Radcliffe, maturing as an actor in perfect time with his character, emphasizes Harry’s anger and self-pity.” – NY Times

Harry describes himself as “so angry, all the time,” miserable at home, fighting against his darker impulses, struggling to act on his better instincts. Thanks to Radcliffe, who turns 18 later this month and seems ready for a hardy career once all seven Potter books have been filmed — already he has appeared nude in the West End revival of “Equus” — our hero’s “Look Back in Anger” phase carries genuine feeling.” – Chicago Tribune

“One of the joys of this film is watching Daniel Radcliffe, 17, grow so impressively into the role of Harry. He digs deep into the character and into Harry’s nightmares. It’s a sensational performance, touching all the bases from tender (Harry’s kiss with Cho Chang, played by the lovely Katie Leung) to fearful (the dreams of death that wake him up in a cold sweat).” – Rolling Stone

“Radcliffe and Grint have grown into great young actors, and Radcliffe in particular really shines here – our few glimpses back at the young Potter in earlier films reminds us how far he’s come whilst various scenes ranging from throwaway first kisses to battles for his very soul are delivered with a strong sense of conviction and maturity.” – Dark Horizons


HPposter9 Harry-potter-and-the-order-of-the-phoenix 20071009162722_harry_potter_and_the_order_of_the_phoenix_2 Harry_Potter_and_The_Order_of_the_Phoenix

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