December Boys

December Boys

December Boys

“Just remember Misty, no matter what, you’re still a December boy.”

Maps, Misty, Sparks and Spit are four Australian boys – all born in December – living in a Roman Catholic orphanage.  As a birthday treat, they are sent on a seaside holiday to stay with Mr. and Mrs. McAnsh.

Whilst there, the boys meet carnival worker Fearless, and his wife Teresa. The three younger boys quickly become close to Teresa, but Maps is more interested in the beautiful and somewhat rebellious Lucy …

Director: Rod Hardy
Screenplay: Marc Rosenberg
Story: Ronald Kinnoch
Based on: December Boys by Michael Noonan
Running time: 105′
Rating: 12A (UK), PG-13 (USA)
Box Office Gross: $1,175,579 (Worldwide)
Release dates: September 14th, 2007 (UK), September 14th, 2007 (US)
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Daniel Radcliffe – Maps
Lee Cormie – Misty
Christian Byers – Sparks
James Fraser – Spit
Teresa Palmer – Lucy



“[…] Radcliffe certainly acquits himself competently as an awkward teenager in the throes of first love.” – SFGate

“Radcliffe – in full benevolent leadership – clearly has a future as a young adult performer once he shelves Harry Potter’s wand once and for all.” –

“[…] the young man famous for portraying fiction’s favorite orphan here plays a less-celebrated orphan with grace, subtlety and a perfectly serviceable Australian accent.” – Seattle Times

“[…] Radcliffe is convincing as the young man; he proves he can move beyond the Harry role.” Roger Ebert

“Daniel Radcliffe exudes a gawky, fawn-like vulnerability as the group’s oldest and moodiest boy, a lanky teenager who experiences the giddy infatuation of first love and the soul-wracking torment of first heartbreak in quick succession.” A.V. Club


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