Radcliffe Round-Up 24/10/2016

Daniel Radcliffe News Round UpHappy Sunday, lovely readers!

The most exciting piece of news this week: Dan has been cast as Sean Haggerty in Beast of Burden, an action-thriller about a drug smuggler who is ready to quit his less-than-legal line of work – but only after he’s smuggled 55 pounds of cocaine across the border in a small aircraft. Beast of Burden is scheduled to start filming late November in Savannah, GA, and will be directed by Jesper Ganslandt from Adam Hoelzel’s script.

Dan also posted on his G+ about Circus Kid, a documentary by Lorenzo Pisoni (Dan’s friend, and Equus co-star) about his life growing up as part of a circus family. Check out Dan’s post for more information:


Our Twitter has a couple of interesting bits and bobs, so head over there to take a look!

See you next Sunday!

Daniel Radcliffe News Round-Up – 02/10/2016

Daniel Radcliffe News Round Up Hello lovelies! Good week and lots of bits to share with you today! Don’t forget, Swiss Army Man is now out in UK cinemas (try your local indie cinema if you’re struggling to find it!) and we hope you’ve all been to see this brilliant film!

The Graham Norton Show
Buzzfeed – Manny interviews Da
The Guardian
The Culture Trip
MTV International – Imperium
All the Bodies – behind the scenes look at Dan’s body doubles on set
Swiss Army Man – Deleted Scene – Fetishes
Sky Cinema
Celebrity Honk Off
Capital FM – Roman Kemp
Picturehouse Central Podcast

The Big Issue
Men’s Health
Buzz.ie – includes hint that Dan might be heading to the West End next year!
The Guardian
Q&A at Picturehouse Central
Ask Men UK
Digital Spy
BBC Three

Zurich Film Festival
– Green Carpet – Schweizer Illustrierte / Energy Zuerich / Full Event
20 Minuten
SRF Radio

Finally, you can now pre-order the DVD/Blu-Ray of Now You See Me 2, in which Dan starred as villain Walter Mabry earlier this year. The release is set for 7th November 2016!

Daniel Radcliffe News Round-Up – 25/09/2016

Daniel Radcliffe News Round Up Hello! As promised, we’re back with regular round-ups. This week was an exciting one for us because we got to see Mr Radcliffe in person on Friday at the UK premiere of Imperium and Swiss Arm Man at the O2 in London! Dan, who was as lovely as ever, gave Empire Live a quick Q&A on both films. We’re happy to report that we loved both films, with Swiss Army Man coming out as a firm favourite.

Radio Interviews
– In Conversation with Steve Allen – You have to be a subscriber to listen to this one, but as we’re nice, we’ve uploaded it for you here (please credit if you share)! It’s a good one too, Dan hints at a return to stage work next year (fingers crossed it includes the West End!)
Classic FM with Charlotte Green (about 25 mins in)
Radio X with Chris Moyles
BBC Radio 6
Kerrang! Radio

AOL Build London
BBC Breakfast – Victoria Live (be warned, slightly rage-inducing!)
BBC Radio 1 Breakfast – Nick Grimshaw
– Heat Radio – The Brag Off / Interview
Good Morning Britain
– Heart Radio – One / Two
Classic FM

Hey U Guys
LoL Mall
– ODE – Imperium / Swiss Army Man
– The Culture Trip – One / Two / Three
DIY Film
Sky News

London Premiere
The Star
Generic Footage
Empire Magazine
BBC London News
5 News

BBC News

And that’s it! We’ll leave you with this:


Radcliffe Round-Up 07/08/2016

Daniel Radcliffe News Round Up Hello loves – apologies for the lack of round-ups recently, but there really hasn’t been much to report. There isn’t much to report this weekend either, but it’s been three weeks so we thought we’d pretend to make an effort.

Imperium is set for limited theatrical and VoD release on 18th August in the US, and you can see new stills here. Dan is taking part in an AOL Build talk Monday 9th August to promote the film, and his pre-recorded promotional appearance on The View will Air 10th August. Imperium is scheduled for a UK release 23rd September.

Swiss Army Man finally has a UK release date – 30th September. About bloody time. No word yet on whether or not Manny will tour the UK.

You can read through assorted Privacy bits and bobs on our TwitterPrivacy is just about to begin its final week of performances, after which Dan will be released back in to the wild and will presumably be bored and looking for something to keep him busy … fingers crossed we’ll have a new project announcement in the next few weeks! Though he can have a holiday first if he’d like.

So, that’s it! We’ll see you next Sunday. Maybe. ❤

Daniel Radcliffe Round-Up – 17/07/2016

Daniel Radcliffe News Round Up Apologies loves for the lack of Round-Up last week, particularly when there is plenty going on but unfortunately, life got in the way last Sunday. But we’re back, so settle in for a nice, big update!

Swiss Army Man
– Interview videos from ET Canada, The Wrap and Den of Geek.
– Press interview from The AV Club.
– Dan posted a video on his Google+ of some behind the scenes action.
– The film won 3 awards at the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival awards including Imaging The Future award for best production design (International Competition), NIFFF award from international critics (International Competition) and RTS Audience award (International and Asian competitions).
– A UK release date should be announced “soon”.

– The first trailer from Imperium was released! It will be released in the UK on 23 September in key cities and is rated 15.
– Dan will take part in a Times Talks with Imperium director Daniel Ragussis on 8 August in NYC. Tickets and info available here.

– The first production images from Dan’s off-broadway play were released this week. The play is set to officially open tomorrow and runs until mid-August.
– Dan will take part in a conversation about Privacy at the Public Forum on 1 August.
– There are lots of stage door pics available to view on our Twitter!

Now You See Me 2
– Press interview with GQ
– Jesse Eisenberg says that Dan turned down the lead role in Eisenberg’s play The Spoils.
– Jesse Eisenberg was shocked by Dan on and off set and Dave Franco respects Dan’s choices after Harry Potter.

Finally, enjoy this video of Dan announcing the sports world’s worst tweeters at the Deadspin Awards.

Daniel Radcliffe News Round-Up – 03/07/2016

Daniel Radcliffe News Round Up I think it’s fair to say that we have lost track of which project to focus on this week. Swiss Army Man was released in the US, Now You See Me 2 is about to released in the UK (at last!), Privacy started at the Public Theatre last night and we also got news on Imperium. So here goes…

Swiss Army Man
– Video interviews to watch: AOL Build, iTunes: Meet the Actor, JoBlo.com, Mashable, ET, Fox 411, Popular Science and for some reason, People got a bunch of kids to interview Dan. Adorable, but random.
– Interviews to read: Vulture, Bustle, Business Insider, Screen Rant, Complex
– Lots of clips were shared: Jurrasic Park, River Rocket, Masturbation and Help Me Get Home
– And behind the scenes footage: How they made Manny the dummy and Practical Effects
– Finally, a Happy/Sad/Confused with our very favourite Josh Horowitz.

Now You See Me 2
Listen to Dan being interviewed by Craig Charles on BBC Radio 2.
– Dan explained why he loved plaing a villain with Digital Spy.
– Dan spoke with W Radio based in Colombia, where he filmed Jungle.
– Another press junket interview here with Cinescape.
– A fab, in depth interview was featured in Saturday’s Daily Telegraph.

– Imperium will be released 19th August in the US. As far as we know, it will be released in the UK on 16th September! Check out the new poster over here.
– Check out some new stills here.

Phew, now for a cup of tea! Don’t forget Now YOu See Me 2 is out in UK cinemas from tomorrow! Let us know what you think and when you’ll be going to see it!

Radcliffe Round-Up – 26/06/2016

Daniel Radcliffe News Round Up24th June saw the limited release of Swiss Army Man ahead of its wider release next week, so we’ve had lots of bits and bobs to enjoy! NYSM2 is still popping up in interviews too, and we’ll probably have a few more leading up to the UK release on 4th July. Promo for Dan’s off-Broadway play Privacy (opening in previews 2nd July) has started to appear – expect more over the next few days.

Now You See Me 2

Sunrise Australia

Swiss Army Man

PIX 11


SF Chronicle


Den of Geek (Dan also mentions that he thinks Imperium will be released in August, and that Jungle might be headed to Sundance 2017)

People Mag



– Dan and co-star Paul Dano will be taking part in a talk at The Apple Store, SoHo, NY, tomorrow. RSVP here. Bonus Josh Horowitz, which is always a good thing.

– Check out Swiss Army Man’s Twitter for pictures of Manny touring around the US!

– See pictures from the SAM NYC premiere here.

– Dan appeared on Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote the film.

– Lots of SAM reviews on our Twitter.


NY Times

PIX 11 

See you next week, loves!

Radcliffe Round-Up – 19/06/2016

Daniel Radcliffe News Round Up Bit of a random collection this week. It’s very exciting that Dan has two films out so close together!

Now You See Me 2
– Dan appeared in London’s Balance magazine this week. You can now read this online.
– Pre-order your Now You See Me 2 tickets at Odeon for the chance to win some prizes!

Swiss Army Man
– Dan appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, check out the interview here!
– A brand new clip debuted online. Watch here.
Preview some of the songs on the soundtrack, and then check out this review. Tip: If you’ve got iTunes, you can listen to clips from the entire album. Also, rejoyce UK fans as you can pre-order this at the iTunes UK store AND it comes out the same day as America! Now if only we could get the film too….
– Dan gave the New York Times some tips on playing a dead body.
– We’ve seen part of this interview before from Sundance, but now it’s extended!
– Dan talks about the recording of real farts during the Swiss Army Man shoot.
– Swiss Army Man will get it’s European premiere at the Neuchatel Film Festival.

– We might be closer to seeing something from this film very soon!


More next week!

Daniel Radcliffe News Round-Up – 12/06/2016

Daniel Radcliffe News Round Up This week saw the release of Now You See Me 2 in the US. Daniel Radcliffe stars as a tech genius who forces the Four Horsemen to steal a super computer chip. Has any of our American readers seen it yet? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

Now You See Me 2
– Interviews with Dan can be read at GQ, the Toronto Sun, Metro, USA Today – one / two / three and Yahoo.
– Dan also chatted on video to E! News, ET Canada, Trigger World and NU.nl
– Check out this featurette of the cast learning magic on the set.
– Now You See Me 2 has received a 12A rating certificate for it’s UK release on 8th July.
– Dan will be a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on 14th June 2016!

Swiss Army Man
– The full tracklist of the Swiss Army Man score was released and we’re very excited that Dan features on 11 of the 24 tracks. Also, despite not having a UK release date, the score WILL be released in the UK at the same time as the US and you can preview the whole thing and pre-order now on iTunes UK. If you can’t wait, you can also buy Montage, the single from the album. Go on, you know you want to!
– A small clip has been released from the film, watch here!
– The press tour for the film kicked off this week in a rather unusual manner. In selected US cities you’ll be able to hang out with Dead Manny. Journalists in New York got to ride a bus with him this week, and were joined by Daniel Radcliffe. Check out our Twitter for lots more pics, videos and insight.
NewsComAU spoke to Dan about the film ahead of the film’s premiere at the Sydney Film Festival.
– Miranda Bailey, one of the producers of the film, posted a fun behind the scenes picture of Dan.
Still no UK release date…. Sorry loves.

– Dan was interviewed in Colombia while shooting Jungle. Pretty good interview if you can get past the dubbing!

As always, more next week!

Daniel Radcliffe Round-Up – 05/06/2016

Radcliffe-Round-Up With promo kicking off for two of Dan’s upcoming films, this week was quite a good one. Read on, loves.

– Now You See Me 2 is released next week in the US (we still can’t figure out why the UK release date was pushed back an ENTIRE MONTH, but I digress…) so Dan appeared on The Today Show to promote his role in the film. You can watch the video here.

– Tomorrow, Dan will be the guest editor of IMDb and some of the material has been released early: you can check out his fan Q&A, filmed while he was shooting “Jungle,” a brand new clip featuring his character Walter Mabry and an article of Dan’s where he discusses actors and directors that inspire him. IMDb will hold a live Twitter chat with Dan tomorrow, so make sure you get your questions in, and use #IMDbAskDaniel!

– Yong Chavez spoke to Dan during the NYSM2 press junket. Video here. And there’s another interview here.

– The brilliant “Montage” was released this week, taken from the official Swiss Army Man soundtrack. The song is written and performed by Andy Hull and Robert McDowell and features vocals from Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe. Check it out here. Dan thinks the music is so good, it deserves an Oscar! Swiss Army Man has a limited release from 24th June in LA and New York, before opening wide on 1st July. Still no word on a UK date, sorry loves.

– Speaking of Swiss Army Man, you can now play with your very own Manny (Daniel Radcliffe). US fans can text for further commands, however we’re reliably told that the following will work if you type them in: Dreams, Compass, Radio, Canteen, Blowtorch, Knifehand, Friday, Cannon and Cramp. Enjoy!

There’s a smattering of other bits and bobs over on our Twitter, so make sure to check that out! Speaking of which, we celebrated gaining 500 followers this week so thank you very much for all your support so far! More next week.