First Look at Jungle!

jungle_daniel radcliffe

The first still from Jungle has been released, click on the image above to view it in full size.

Daniel Radcliffe stars as Yossi Ghinsberg, an Israeli traveller who got lost in the Amazon jungle for 3 weeks. It is based on the real life story of Ghinsberg, which is detailed in his book Lost in the Jungle. The film is directed by Greg McLean and will be released sometime in 2017 by Signature Entertainement in the UK.

New stills and more for Imperium

Lionsgate Premiere have released new stills from Daniel Radcliffe’s next film, Imperium. Directed by Daniel Ragussis, Dan stars as FBI agent Nate Foster who goes undercover to try to bring down a white supremicist group.

You can also read the press notes over on the Lionsgate Publicity website.

Things to look out for: Dan will take part in a TimesTalk in NYC on 8 August to talk about Imperium with Daniel Ragussis. Also on Monday you can watch the Live Stream of Dan being interviewed with Daniel Ragussis and Michael German for AOL Build. Dan will also appear on The View (pre-taped a couple of weeks ago) on 10 August.

Imperium is released in theatres and on demand in the US on 19 August. It will be released by Signature Entertainment on 23 September.

Daniel Radcliffe in Character Poster for Now You See Me 2

Lionsgate have released a bunch of posters from Now You See Me: The Second Act with Daniel Radcliffe featuring in his very own one in character as Walter Mabry, a shady tech prodigy who the Four Horseman (Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and Lizzy Caplan) encounter in the sequel.


Entertainment Weekly got their hands on two of the posters, while People and In Style got the others.

Now You See Me 2 also features Michael Caine, Mark Ruffalo and Morgan Freeman. The current UK release date in 8 July 2016, but Entertainment One have yet to confirm this change. The film is released in the US on 10 June 2016.

New still from Imperium!

While we’re impatiently waiting for some news on Daniel Radcliffe’s projects for 2016, we stumbled across this very lovely new still from Imperium.

Imperium Still - Daniel Radcliffe

In the film, Dan plays FBI agent Nate Foster who goes undercover to expose a group of neo-nazis making a dirty bomb. It has been set for release in the UK on 16 September 2015, but as yet this is still unconfirmed by distributor Signature Entertainment.


New Still from Imperium

Daniel Radcliffe has shared a new still on his Google+ page from his latest project Imperium, currently filming in Hopewell, VA.

Daniel Radcliffe in Imperium

Dan plays Nate Foster, an undercover FBI agent trying to stop white supremicists making a dirty bomb. It is expected to continue filming until 21 October.

First Look at Dan in Game Changer!

Edge magazine have a first look at Dan in Game Changer.There is also a small accompanying interview with Dan, where he discusses playing Grand Theft Auto creator Sam Houser for the drama which also features Bill Paxton.

Take a look at the scans below for the picture and interview.

Game Changer is due to air this September on BBC Two. As soon as we know the date and time, we’ll let you know!

Pictures from the set of Swiss Army Man

Daniel Radcliffe is currently in Northern California shooting Swiss Army Man, a film co-starring Paul Dano and Mary Elizabeth Winsted and is being directed by duo The Daniels. Paul stars as Kent, a man in the wilderness who discovers a dead body, Cliff, playing by Dan. Together they begin a journey home.

Frankly, this sounds weird, even for Dan. But it’s okay, we like weird.

Some disturbing images have found their way online which depict a prosthetic double of Dan, presumably when he’s supposed to look dead.

We’ve also got our first look at Dan on set. We’d describe what’s going on but we haven’t got a clue. The most we can do is describe is what he’s wearing but we don’t want to sound like the Daily Fail, so just take a look for yourself.

Are you looking forward to Swiss Army Man?