Daniel Radcliffe to star in Off-Broadway play, Privacy

Daniel Radcliffe will star in ‘Privacy,’ an off-Broadway play from 5 July to 7 August 2016. The play, written by James Graham, will be directed by Josie Rourke and will be staged at the Public Theater in New York.

‘Privacy’ is about the implications of technology for personal information. Dan will play a writer, based on James Graham and will also feature Rachel Dratch, Michael Countryman, Reg Rogers, de’Adre Aziza and Raffi Barsoumian.

No on sale date for tickets as yet but we’ll keep you updated!

Rather getting our hopes up when reading that the play is a collaboration with The Donmar in London’s West End, we’ve since learned that it’s unlikely to transfer to the UK due to getting it’s first run here only two years ago. Boo!



Swiss Army Man Trailer and Poster

Swiss Army Man was the film that got everybody talking at this year’s Sundance, and judging by the amount of Google News updates in my inbox, the trailer is getting a similar reaction (Sarah’s reaction – “WOW. AWESOME WOW”).

A24 have also released the official poster for the film, featuring Dan and co-star Paul Dano.


So, what do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

Swiss Army Man will be released in the US from 17th June, with the UK release date expected to be around the same time.

Radcliffe Round-Up – 13/03/2016

Radcliffe-Round-UpAnother week, another teeny-tiny round up. Sigh. At this point, I want Dan news more than I want a bar of Cadbury’s Jelly Popping Candy Marvellous Creations, and I want the latter very much indeed.

– The BBFC has rated a trailer for NYSM2, which hopefully means that we’ll see it soon!
– Dan has been spotted in Colombia, and we’re assuming he’s there to film scenes for Jungle.
– Swiss Army Man is scheduled for a limited release in the US from 17th June 2016, before expanding into a wide release from 1st July 2016. A UK distribution deal is apparently “in the works“.

And that’s that! See you next week.

Radcliffe Round-Up – 14/02/2016

Radcliffe-Round-Up– Welcome to this week’s edition of the Radcliffe Round-Up, which contains precisely one piece of important news: Dan has signed up to play the lead role in Jungle. Set to film in Australia (and other locations) from April, Jungle tells the story of Yossi Ghinsberg, who was lost in the Amazon rainforest for three weeks.

Check out our Twitter for a few other random bits and pieces, and we’ll see you next week!


Radcliffe Round-Up – 22/11/2015

Radcliffe-Round-UpIs anybody else struggling to keep up with all of the recent promo? It’s ALL VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN ALL THE TIME and it is glorious, but I need a week off work just to catch up. Also, I want Dan and James to work together in all the things, please.

But anyway, I digress. On with the round-up!

Frankenstein Press

– Dan and James talk to IGN about how to make the perfect monster
– A rather good interview with Buzzfeed
– Check out the full video of Dan and James on Watch What Happens Live
– Dan and James talk about erotic fan-fiction
– Video of the Los 40 Mexico chat
WTF podcast – interview with Dan
Interview with Craig Armstrong, composer of the Victor Frankenstein score
– Pick up a copy of Total Film‘s new issue for an interview and yummy photoshoot with Dan

In Other News

Apparently Lionsgate know how to promote a film – we have a teaser trailer for Now You See Me 2, 7 months ahead of the film’s 10th June release date. I know, right? But anyway, watch it here and admire Beardcliffe and Hair (RIP) in their full glory.

Upcoming Appearances
– 27/11 The Graham Norton Show
– 1/12 Good Morning Britain
– 4/12 TFI Friday

See you next week!

Daniel Radcliffe receives star on Hollywood Walk of Fame


Congratulations to Daniel Radcliffe who has just received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! If you missed the ceremony, you can now watch the entire thing below.

Dan was joined by friend and comedian Chris Hardwick and Harry Potter director Chris Columbus. Also in attendance were Dan’s parents.

Dan gave a wonderful speech and all of us here at Dan-Radcliffe.co.uk would like to say a massive congratulations on this well deserved honour.

Now we just need to win the lottery so we can go and see it!

Radcliffe Round-Up – 27/09/2015

Radcliffe-Round-Up– First off, let’s get the important news out of the way – Dan’s gloriously fluffy and crazy head of hair is no more. As he revealed on his Google +, he has shaved his head for his upcoming role as Nate Foster in Imperium, and whilst he hasn’t gone the full chrome dome, we like to imagine that James McAvoy has sent him some taunting texts. But we digress – he actually kind of suits it (though we urge him to grow his hair and beard back asap, because of reasons). Check out the picture here.

– Dan continues to be the shiniest and loveliest human being ever, and is charming the residents of Hopewell, Virgina whilst he films there. He’s cuddled babies, signed legs, eaten grits, and you can check out all the pictures and reports on our Tumblr and Twitter (I would put individual links here but it’s hard to do that on my iPad and I don’t want to, so I will update this post when I’m on my laptop).

Young Americans is now scheduled to start filming in January 2016, which will hopefully give Dan a chance to enjoy a nice long Christmas break after filming Imperium and promoting Victor Frankenstein.

The November issue of Empire magazine has a feature on Victor Frankenstein. Check out scans here.

-Dan’s interview from The Big Issue has been release on the magazine’s website, and you can read it here.

And I think that’s it! See you next week!

Radcliffe Round-Up – 06/09/2015

Radcliffe-Round-UpThis week, instead of whining about a Victor Frankenstein trailer, we’re all about The Gamechangers. Air date, trailer, and interviews all in a week – bloody hell, anybody would think that’s a good way to promote a project!


– First look at The Gamechangers

– The Gamechangers trailer, and an air date – Tuesdsay, 15th September, 21:00 – 22:30.

– BBC Media Centre interview with Dan

And that’s that! Keep an eye out in TV mags this week for interviews with Dan, just in case.

The Victor Frankenstein trailer is here!

We’ve waited (and waited and waited) and it’s finally here! Click play below to finally watch the first Victor Frankenstein trailer! In fact, we’ve waited so long Fox have released two different trailers.

First up we have the US trailer:

And next up is the International trailer:

We also have two posters for you from the US and Poland:

Victor Frankenstein stars James McAvoy as Dr Frankenstein himself and Daniel Radcliffe plays Igor, his faithful assistant. Also starring Andrew Scott, Jessica Brown Findlay, Mark Gatiss and Danny Mays. It is directed by Paul McGuigan with a script from Max Landis.

Catch Victor Frankenstein in UK cinemas from 4th December 2015!

Radcliffe Round-Up – 16/08/2015

Radcliffe-Round-UpIn a site first, we couldn’t be arsed to post a round-up last week, because of migraines and the fact that there was only one piece of news, which we posted on Sunday, so it seemed redundant to post it again. But whatever, you don’t care about that, so let’s get on with this week’s news.


– We finally got pictures from the set of Swiss Army Man, which Dan is currently filming in California, alongside co-star Paul Dano. Check out the photos (which all but confirm that Dan is playing the dead body in the film) here.*

– Don’t faint, but that squealing noise you can hear is the “imminent trailer warning” siren. Or maybe it’s just the site admins having an intensely excited moment, but either way, the lovely Mr Radcliffe’s Google+ let us know that the trailer is due for release on Tuesday 18th August. About f’ing time, Fox.

-Also, to punish us for whinging about the Victor Frankenstein trailer, the film’s UK release has been pushed back to 4th December here in the UK. Sorry. At this point, they may as well just release it in January 2016, a year after one of its approximately 500 planned release dates (17th October 2014, 16th January 2015, 2nd October 2015, 25th November 2015, and 4th December 2015, FYI).

– Imperium, Dan’s upcoming film in which he plays an FBI analyst who goes undercover to stop a bombing by white supremacists, is due to begin filming 14th September in Richmond, VA. You can read a detailed summary of the plot here.

-A new still from Victor Frankenstein is in EW’s Fall Movies preview.

Social Media

-Creepy dead body model of Dan for Swiss Army Man *shudders*.

-Dan has been photographed in various places whilst filming in Humboldt, California.

-Dan got to meet his hero Ian Ziering (no sharknados involved) at the EW Comic Con party.

-Dan has promised to get his arse out more often after winning Rear of the Year, and the commentary on this photo would suggest that he may have done so asap.

-Dan had dinner at Denny’s (who [and correct us if we’re wrong] serve breakfast all day) and very kindly posed for pictures with people.

-According to this picture  and this tweetSwiss Army Man has finished filming. And this tweet from a few weeks ago has us speculating that Swiss Army Man might just be heading to TIFF next year. Which would be nice, as one of the admins will be in Toronto the last weekend of the festival (top tip: don’t ever book a holiday in Toronto during TIFF, because you’ll pay about 25% more).

And that’s it for this week! We’ll see you next weekend, when we will be in a wondrous post-trailer world. And probably still whinging about a trailer, though it’ll probably be whinging about a Game Changer trailer by then.

Laters, RadCakers.

* In related news, the directors of Swiss Army Man have retaliated against the paparazzi in the most deliciously passive aggressive manner – by subscribing  their email address to various newsletters (such as William Shatner’s, and Nickleback’s). Nice one, Daniels.