More Info on Imperium

It was recently announced that Dan’s next film (after he’s done playing a dead body in Swiss Army Man) will be Imperium, where he’s set to play an FBI analyst based on Michael German’s experience in the agency. The film is being directed by Daniel Ragussis and he and German co-wrote the screenplay.

We’ve now managed to find out that the film is also going under another name – Aryan Nation – and that filming is set to begin 14 September 2015 in Richmond, VA. We’ve also got our hands on a pretty detailed summary of the plot which you can read below.

Nate Foster (Radcliffe) is a young, idealistic intelligence analyst for the FBI. Highly educated, and fluent in Arabic after serving in Iraq with the State Department, he’s joined the Bureau to protect the country from another 9/11. But he’s beginning to realize that the “Islamic terrorist plots” he’s busting are often setups overzealous attempts to reassure an anxious public, and meet the latest quotas. So when the FBI discovers a smuggled shipment of Cesium-137 the primary ingredient needed to build a dirty bomb Nate is willing to hear out Angela Zampino, a case agent who’s convinced the plot is the work of white supremacists. She explains their overwhelming history of violence, going back to Oklahoma City, and their obsession with obtaining weapons of mass destruction. But the hardest sell of all is convincing Nate to do the unthinkable to leave his office job behind, and use his superior intelligence and people skills to go undercover, and infiltrate the community. Nate’s quest focuses on an enigmatic radio host named Dallas Wolf, whose apocalyptic broadcasts are bringing together a coalition of neo-Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, and racist militias, all in hopes of igniting a “race war” that will cleanse the country and pave the way for a white homeland. But to get to Dallas, Nate has to penetrate an alternate universe that is far deeper and more sophisticated than he ever imagined. As he makes friends and enemies like Gerry Conrad, the warm-hearted suburban father who takes him under his wing, and Roy, the violent skinhead who’s convinced he’s a race traitor Nate discovers a vast American white supremacist subculture. And somewhere inside this labyrinth, like a needle in a haystack, is the hidden terrorist cell that’s building a bomb.

Are you excited about Imperium?

Dan Against Humanity

You lived together briefly, and talked about playing board games together. Can you explain what Cards Against Humanity is?
DR: Oh, yeah, sure. Cards Against Humanity. We don’t have it over here – have you played Apples To Apples?

DR: I didn’t think it was a game over here – it’s clearly not! There’s an American game called Apples To Apples. Basically it’s a version of that but with much ruder words. So, somebody asks a question and they pick up a question card, like… “Why did my last relationship end?” And somebody else will pick another card which might say… we were playing and it’s particularly funny if I got the card, which does exist in there, “Harry Potter Erotica”. And that card did come up, and I did have it, and I did play it, everyone will be pleased to know. Somebody asks the question and out your other cards you find the funniest, rudest answer that you can apply to it – and then a person who is judging awards the points. – GQ, December 2013

Black card 1 White card 1 White card 2Have you stayed up until stupid o’clock in the morning playing a certain card game that you knew nothing about until Daniel Radcliffe mentioned it?

The staff at have been there, done that (several times), and are quite possibly planning to get the t-shirt, so we feel your pain. That’s why we decided to make a Dan themed expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity, because a: sleep is for wimps and b: Dan is really rather quotable.

All you need to do is print this document out on heavy card stock and cut out the cards. If you want to get all fancy pants, print black on the reverse of the question cards to differentiate them from the answers.

This expansion is useless without the original game, which you can download from Just shuffle these expansion cards into the main game, and you’re good to go!

If you have the posh, paid for version of the game, just email us at DRUK Staff and we will send you the poker card sized .tiff files of this expansion pack so you can get them professionally printed. A bit pricey, but definitely worth it.

This expansion contains rude words and adult concepts, so please don’t download it if you’re under the age of 17. Or, if you do, don’t tell us.

If you have any questions, or suggestions for future cards, drop us a line at DRUK Staff, we’d love to hear from you.