A Young Doctor’s Notebook

A Young Doctor’s Notebook – Series 1


“What else don’t I know I don’t know?”


A Young Doctor’s Notebook is a surreal look at a doctor at two separate moments of his life. His younger self, in 1917, has just graduated (top of the class) from the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry and has been sent to head a hospital in the remote village of Muryevo. Meanwhile back in Moscow in 1935, the older doctor is currently being investigated by NKVD agents because he has been faking prescriptions for morphine (which he is heavily addicted to).

During this time the older doctor discovers his old diary and recalls his experiences at the hospital in Muryevo, including chopping off a young girl’s leg, removing his first tooth and delivering his first baby. While interacting with his younger self and trying to prevent his initial use of morphine, the doctor discovers that you cannot change the past.

Director: Alex Hardcastle
Screenplay: Mark Chappell, Alan Connor and Shaun Pye
Based on: A Country Doctor’s Notebook by Mikhail Bulgakov
Running time: 4 x 30′
Air date: December 6th 2012
Buy: DVD / Book


Daniel Radcliffe – Young Doctor
Jon Hamm – Older Doctor
Vicki Pepperdine – Anna
Rosie Cavaliero – Pelageya
Adam Godley – The Feldsher
Tim Steed – NKVD Agent Kirill
Christopher Goodwin – Leopold Leopoldovich
Joshua McGuire – Even Younger Doctor


Series 2 – A Young Doctor’s Notebook & Other Stories

“Do you have any morphine?”


Series two opens with the older doctor being released from a mental hospital (after his suicide attempt in series one) and getting on a train. On his journey he reads through his old diary again and we find his younger self in the deep grip of morphine addiction. He’s in a relationship with Pelageya, who helps him inject the drug and he appears happy and content. We also discover his name is Nika. That’s when the Russian revolution finally gets as far as Muryevo and he finds himself saving the lives of the Bolsheviks, which incidently depletes the hospital of it’s morphine supply.

In withdrawal, the White Guard then show up along with the beautiful aristocrat Natasha, whom Nika quickly falls in love with. He then transfers his addiction to morphine to her, leaving devestation in his wake.

Director: Robert McKillop
Screenplay: Mark Chappell, Alan Connor and Shaun Pye
Based on: The writings of Mikhail Bulgakov
Running time: 4 x 30′
Air date: 21st November 2013
Buy: Amazon Instant

Additional Cast

Margaret Clunie – Natasha
Charles Edwards – The Colonel
Daniel Cerqueira – Vlas



“The acting is superbly executed by both stars, Daniel Radcliffe does exceedingly well as the younger impetuous Doctor.” – Yahoo

“However, the best surprise of A Young Doctor’s Notebook is how engaging, comical and unpretentious it is. Much of that’s down to the performance of Daniel Radcliffe as the naïve young physician sent to a remote village on the eve of the Russian Revolution in 1917; he acquits himself remarkably well. The Harry Potter star isn’t best known for comedy, but he has a natural sense of rhythm and awkwardness.” – MSN


AYDN @ Sky Arts

Future series?

It is unlikely that there will be any more series of A Young Doctor’s Notebook due to how the last episode ended.

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