Daniel Radcliffe News Round-Up – 12/06/2016

Daniel Radcliffe News Round Up This week saw the release of Now You See Me 2 in the US. Daniel Radcliffe stars as a tech genius who forces the Four Horsemen to steal a super computer chip. Has any of our American readers seen it yet? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

Now You See Me 2
– Interviews with Dan can be read at GQ, the Toronto Sun, Metro, USA Today – one / two / three and Yahoo.
– Dan also chatted on video to E! News, ET Canada, Trigger World and NU.nl
– Check out this featurette of the cast learning magic on the set.
– Now You See Me 2 has received a 12A rating certificate for it’s UK release on 8th July.
– Dan will be a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on 14th June 2016!

Swiss Army Man
– The full tracklist of the Swiss Army Man score was released and we’re very excited that Dan features on 11 of the 24 tracks. Also, despite not having a UK release date, the score WILL be released in the UK at the same time as the US and you can preview the whole thing and pre-order now on iTunes UK. If you can’t wait, you can also buy Montage, the single from the album. Go on, you know you want to!
– A small clip has been released from the film, watch here!
– The press tour for the film kicked off this week in a rather unusual manner. In selected US cities you’ll be able to hang out with Dead Manny. Journalists in New York got to ride a bus with him this week, and were joined by Daniel Radcliffe. Check out our Twitter for lots more pics, videos and insight.
NewsComAU spoke to Dan about the film ahead of the film’s premiere at the Sydney Film Festival.
– Miranda Bailey, one of the producers of the film, posted a fun behind the scenes picture of Dan.
Still no UK release date…. Sorry loves.

– Dan was interviewed in Colombia while shooting Jungle. Pretty good interview if you can get past the dubbing!

As always, more next week!


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