Daniel Radcliffe News Round-Up – 17/04/2016

Radcliffe-Round-Up This week brought us news that Dan will be heading back to the New York stage in a play that is transferring from the Donmar Warehouse in London called Privacy. Alas, as it’s transferring FROM London, it’s looking unlikely that it will come back here so if you have a bit of spare change and fancy a trip to New York I suggest going!

Alas, the admins here are going to have to miss this one (woe!) as we have adult-y things to focus on this year. Being an adult sucks and we highly recommend you don’t fall into it’s trap.

Dan will star in ‘Privacy’ at the Public Theater in New York from 5 July to 7 August 2016. It is written by James Graham and will be directed by Josie Rouke. ‘Privacy’ is about the implications of technology for personal information. Dan will play a writer, based on James Graham and will also feature Rachel Dratch, Michael Countryman, Reg Rogers, de’Adre Aziza and Raffi Barsoumian.

– A24 revealed that they are taking Swiss Army Man to Cannes with the International rights to distribute for sale. Hopefully this means a UK date will be revealed soon. No announcements yet on whether the film will screen at the film festival, but we’ll let you know if we hear anything!

– The screening of Now You See Me 2 at CinemaCon was sadly cut short after 20 minutes due to a security alert which saw the theatre being evacuated. Thankfully, it was a false alarm. Sadly, no reviews of Dan’s performance in the film. 😦

– Speaking of which, NYSM2 was featured in the new issue of Total Film this month. Check them out below. Apparently Dan is “delicious” in his role as Walter Mabry, we’re very much into that. NYSM2 is released in the UK on 4 July.

IMDb asked fans for questions as they will be interviewing Dan for NYSM2. Cut off was yesterday so hopefully you all got some good one’s in there.

– A couple of new (old) interviews were revealed for the various international releases of Victor Frankenstein. This one here and this one here.

– Filming of “Jungle” wrapped this week in Colombia and we posted several pictures of Dan (with beard! We like the beard!) with fans on our Twitter. The production is now headed for Australia for further filming. No news yet as to when the filming will end.

That’s all for this week. Let us know if you’re planning on going to see Dan on Broadway this summer so we can be jealous of your life – but also so we can hear all about it!

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