Daniel Radcliffe News Round-Up – 27/03/2016

Radcliffe-Round-Up Dan finally emerged again this week (Hi Dan, we’ve missed you!) in Colombia to start filming Jungle, where he will play Yossi Ghinsberg, an adventurer who gets lost in the Amazon rainforest after he gets separated from his travelling companions.

– The rest of the cast has been filled out by Thomas Kretschmann, Alex Russell, Joel Jackson and Yasmin Kassim , so says the Hollywood Reporter.

– Pictures of Dan filming or on set here, here and here!

– Videos of Dan filming or on set here and here.

Variety are speculating that Swiss Army Man might be on it’s way to Cannes. We’ll keep you posted!

– Dan remembered he has a Google+ and updated us with a photo of him with Matthew Lewis, taken a couple of days before filming the first Harry Potter film. Awww.

– The Now You See Me 2 twitter page for the UK has launched a competion where you can win… something. Apparently you need to visit a Vue cinema and buy their over-priced popcorn and take a selfie with it. The popcorn box-thing must have the Now You See Me 2 promo images on to count, otherwise the entire exercise is a bit silly. You also need to share the picture of your popcorn selfie with the Twitter page. Then you might win the thing! Yay!


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