Radcliffe Round-Up – 20/12/2015

Radcliffe-Round-Up Well not much going on this week, which is slightly distressing as Victor Frankenstein has only been in cinemas for two weeks. Hopefully most of you have managed to see it by now because it doesn’t look like it’s sticking around for long. But Sundance is next month, so there’s that to look forward to!

– Signature Entertainment have scheduled Imperium for a UK release date of 16 September 2016! We’re sure that will probably change once the US distributors decide when they want to release it, but it looks positive that we may get to see it next year at least! We’ll keep you posted.
– Dan took part in the latest round of Jimmy Kimmel’s series of Mean Tweets. An aardvark? Pffttttt.
– A bunch of celebrities re-enact famous lines from Star Wars, including Dan and James McAvoy!
– While promoting his new movie Life on Jimmy Fallon, Dane DeHaan spoke about playing Cards Against Humanity with BFF Dan during New Years a few years ago.
– Dan is currently on his holibobs and while I’m sure would have preferred people not knowing where he is, the resort posted this picture with the chef. We remain jealous of your life, Radcliffe.

And that’s the lot!


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