Radcliffe Round-Up – 16/08/2015

Radcliffe-Round-UpIn a site first, we couldn’t be arsed to post a round-up last week, because of migraines and the fact that there was only one piece of news, which we posted on Sunday, so it seemed redundant to post it again. But whatever, you don’t care about that, so let’s get on with this week’s news.


– We finally got pictures from the set of Swiss Army Man, which Dan is currently filming in California, alongside co-star Paul Dano. Check out the photos (which all but confirm that Dan is playing the dead body in the film) here.*

– Don’t faint, but that squealing noise you can hear is the “imminent trailer warning” siren. Or maybe it’s just the site admins having an intensely excited moment, but either way, the lovely Mr Radcliffe’s Google+ let us know that the trailer is due for release on Tuesday 18th August. About f’ing time, Fox.

-Also, to punish us for whinging about the Victor Frankenstein trailer, the film’s UK release has been pushed back to 4th December here in the UK. Sorry. At this point, they may as well just release it in January 2016, a year after one of its approximately 500 planned release dates (17th October 2014, 16th January 2015, 2nd October 2015, 25th November 2015, and 4th December 2015, FYI).

– Imperium, Dan’s upcoming film in which he plays an FBI analyst who goes undercover to stop a bombing by white supremacists, is due to begin filming 14th September in Richmond, VA. You can read a detailed summary of the plot here.

-A new still from Victor Frankenstein is in EW’s Fall Movies preview.

Social Media

-Creepy dead body model of Dan for Swiss Army Man *shudders*.

-Dan has been photographed in various places whilst filming in Humboldt, California.

-Dan got to meet his hero Ian Ziering (no sharknados involved) at the EW Comic Con party.

-Dan has promised to get his arse out more often after winning Rear of the Year, and the commentary on this photo would suggest that he may have done so asap.

-Dan had dinner at Denny’s (who [and correct us if we’re wrong] serve breakfast all day) and very kindly posed for pictures with people.

-According to this picture  and this tweetSwiss Army Man has finished filming. And this tweet from a few weeks ago has us speculating that Swiss Army Man might just be heading to TIFF next year. Which would be nice, as one of the admins will be in Toronto the last weekend of the festival (top tip: don’t ever book a holiday in Toronto during TIFF, because you’ll pay about 25% more).

And that’s it for this week! We’ll see you next weekend, when we will be in a wondrous post-trailer world. And probably still whinging about a trailer, though it’ll probably be whinging about a Game Changer trailer by then.

Laters, RadCakers.

* In related news, the directors of Swiss Army Man have retaliated against the paparazzi in the most deliciously passive aggressive manner – by subscribing  their email address to various newsletters (such as William Shatner’s, and Nickleback’s). Nice one, Daniels.




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