Radcliffe Round-Up – 05/07/2015

Radcliffe-Round-Up Two weeks of Radcliffe Round-Up with actual news in it. Who would have thought that would happen??? Lots to report this week and even more to look forward to next!


– Dan will star in Swiss Army Man, a surreal comedy about a hopeless man who befriends a corpe and together they try to find their way home. It will co star Paul Dano and Mary Elizabeth Winstead and is being directed by Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (otherwise known as Daniels). We managed to find out (because we’re awesome) that filming will start 13 July in Northern California and will actually be a “part-musical” where the “the actors are going to be singing a lot of it”. This news comes from Andy Hull, who is working on the score. We also found a picture showing the front cover of the script (complete with awesome lettering… What? I like lettering!). Either way, the little we know of this film has us very excited!

– In ridiculous/awesome/hilarious news, Dan was voted ‘Rear of the Year‘ in the UK. The staff here are all British and no, we can’t explain why as a nation we vote on who has the best bottom of the year either. Either way, Dan’s fine arse was voted top out of the men. Obviously.

– 20th Century Fox have finally realised they need to start promoting Victor Frankenstein and have started a Twitter page for the film. So far, so good. They then proceeded to tell us that Dan will be playing Dr Frankenstein (who is actually played by the lovely James McAvoy) which gave us sad face because honestly, who waits this long to promote a film and then fails at the first attempt? Get it together Fox!

– It seems they then got it together by letting Entertainment Weekly have an exclusive still (I know! An actual still from the movie!!) as part of their Comic Con 2015 preview issue which suggests there might be a panel next Saturday during Fox’s slot in Hall H (at this stage it seems VERY likely – Dan and James are both confirmed to attend).

– The Daily Fail continue to think that Dan and Erin walking to places is interesting and posted their latest candids on their shitty (sorry, not sorry) website. We’d include the link but ew, Daily Fail.

Social Media

– Dan celebrated the end of Erin’s play, The Spoils, by going to the after party.

This fan was reunited with Dan this week.

– Dan was snapped filming something in a car in New York. Speculation suggests it may have been bonus scenes for Game Changer but as far as we’re aware, that was done filming some weeks ago. If we find out any more, we’ll let you know!

– And some more fan photos: one, two!

Website Updates

– Our brilliant ‘Birthday Cake Challenge‘ is available for entering until 18 July. We haven’t had any submissions yet which is frankly rubbish, so get baking people!

And finally, be sure to follow our Twitter page for all the latest from Comic Con next weekend. We won’t be there (sob!) but we will aim to keep you updated on everything as and when it happens (time zone limits apply!). Fingers and toes crossed that next week’s Round-Up finally features that bloody Victor Frankenstein trailer!


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