Radcliffe Round-Up – 21/06/2015

Radcliffe-Round-UpWelcome to another Radcliffe Round-Up that’s just packed full of shiny, exciting and brand new news!

*laughs hollowly*

They say no news is good news but in this case no news is no news, so excuse me for a moment whilst I attempt to fill enough space to make this post worthwhile, ‘coz we’ve not missed a Sunday yet, and I don’t intend for us to do so today.

– In the continuing trend of 20th Century Fox being disappointing disappointers who disappoint, the UK release date of Victor Frankenstein has been pushed back to 2019. Well, I’m exaggerating a little bit – it’s actually been pushed back to 27th November 2015, but whatever. We might be lucky enough to get a trailer next month, I suppose, if Fox remember they have a film to start building excitement for.

– Remember the reports that Dan is attached to star in mystery project We Do Not ForgetWell, that’s due to start filming in September 2015. Still no word on what the film is about, but, much like the feelings of this site’s staff  regarding Fox, I’m guessing it involves grudge bearing of some description.

Social Media
– Dan has been out and about in NY, and has posed for various pictures with fans, as well as being papped going to lunch. He also visited the offices of Nylon magazine, and a new picture of him in Macau has also surfaced online.

We’ll see you next week for another attempt at making nothing much seem exciting.


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