Radcliffe Round-Up – 31/05/2015

Radcliffe-Round-Up News has been very thin on the ground this week so forgive this rather weak update, though Dan did pop up on social media a lot this weekend!

Paul McGuigan once again teased that the Victor Frankenstein trailer was indeed on the way “soon.” (As soon as we figure out what “soon” means, we’ll let you know!) He tweeted that he was back at Pinewood Studios putting the final mix together for the film over the next couple of weeks.

– Dan was spotted out and about by a few fans in New York on Saturday. It appears he’s discovered a razor because his glorious beard is gone (though we are led to believe it’s because he’s now finished filming Now You See Me 2 and Game Changer). RIP Beard. Oh yeah, here’s the pictures: one, two, three and four (at Matilda on Broadway).

– He was also papped walking with his girlfriend Erin Darke.

Hopefully next week will be a bit more interesting! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest as and when it happens.


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